Getting Started Journal

"One of my biggest challenges, so far, has been finding a time when I could go over to the middle school and give the presentation. Ms. Robles only has two “civics” classes throughout the day. Since the high school and the middle school have different schedules, one of her civics classes has yet tol line up with a date when I have “applied learning project” on my schedule, which I originally thought was the only time when I could present. However, I consulted Mr. Caisse, and he informed that I could go during one of my electives, as long as I had consulted administration first, and provided a sign note from my parents. After speaking with Mr. Fogel, I was approved to go over to the middle school during one of the electives on October 17th, 2018."

Half Way Point Journal

"Because of scheduling difficulties, I decided that it would be best to incorporate another aspect of fieldwork into my project. Ultimately, I decided to attempt to increase my own civic engagement, as I felt it be beneficial since I was trying to increase the civic engagement of others. In order to complete this new aspect of my project, I decided to attend Democratic Town Committee meetings, which has opened up a lot of doors for me. At the first meeting I went to, I met Nancy Madonna, who is the president of an organization called “Mansfield Votes.” With Nancy’s help, I, along with Sethu Odayappan, started a “Mansfield Votes” Instagram page. On the page, we post videos of Mansfield High School

students, who talk about issues they care about and we they are involved in the political process."


Journals serve as a type of reflection. At various points during the year, I wrote one in order to think about my experience with ALP and how my project was going. 

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